5 Factors to Convince You to Take Up Child Care Courses in Sydney

A recent report reveals Barangaroo and Longueville as the top two Sydney suburbs with the highest fertility rate of 2.5 and 1.9. With 92% of children below the age of 5 attending daycare, Sydney’s child care market is in a growth phase, presenting nearly 5,000 service providers meeting NQS.

Sydneysiders rely on qualified professionals to provide care and guidance to their children, which is why the child care industry is so valued. The need for child care professionals is greater today than it has been in the past. And hence, it is best to pursue child care courses in Sydney. If you are at a crossroads, these factors will convince you to take up these prolific courses, ensuring you make the most out of the child care industry’s positive trend in Sydney.

Making a Difference in the Education System

The child care facilities in Harbour City typically focus on developing motor and social skills, problem-solving capacity, body language and emotions among the children. These skills set the base for their higher education, which they carry for the rest of their life.

When you are passionate about teaching, qualifying with the right child care course gives you the golden opportunity to contribute and improve the education system.

A Rewarding Career

A quick online search will show you over 200 early childhood and family daycare services across Sydney. When you enrol for the right child care courses in Sydney, you get to choose the best suitable career path from an array of employment options. When you take up Certification III, you can work as an educator in a centre-based service, family daycare, playgroup service, in-home care and mobile early childhood service in Sydney.

Each profile is quite rewarding in Harbour City, with an average total pay between $40K and $57K.

A Booming Child Care Industry

The number of long daycare places in Sydney has improved by 23% (nearly 18,000) over the past decade. With over 1 million attending early learning services across the nation, the demand for early child care is high in Sydney.

Such statistics are a testament to a thriving industry, which will grow further. The right qualification through child care courses allows you to enter the industry equipped with the updated knowledge, alongside extensive hands-on work experience.

Affordable Certifications

In Sydney, you can enrol for a child care course for an affordable fee of $1,600 if the first qualification and $1930 in the case of the second qualification. Some reputed training centres also offer smart and skilled subsidised training for eligible candidates.

And a diploma in early childhood education and care for a fee of about $4,500 will qualify you to manage a learner centre anywhere in Australia.

Being Around Children

With the national total of long daycare places increasing by around 17%, a child care professional in Sydney spends 40 hours a week teaching students. Pursuing a child care course will help you become an instrumental part of the children’s welfare, health and education. And no doubt, you will have fun at your workplace with children all around you, with games, learning and lunch breaks.

The NSW government has announced free child care for preschoolers. They also plan to spend $120 million partially funding 1000 infrastructure projects at Sydney’s highly-prioritised campuses. It is the right time to get certified with the professional child care courses, to lead a gratifying career in Sydney.