5 Motorcycle Riding Tips That Can Avoid Bike Insurance Claims

Two-wheelers are one of the most sought-after transportation modes in the country. It is because of the convenience they offer, along with their affordability. Relying on two-wheelers for daily commutes is something many of us do. They are easy to use and can offer around 6 times as much mileage as a car. Bikes also offer a good amount of freedom to the riders.

However, you must know that when you’re riding a two-wheeler, your risk of being involved in an accident is higher compared to when you’re in a four-wheeler. It is due to the two-wheeler’s compact size and a higher amount of exposure to impact. You can protect yourself and your prized possession with the help of a two wheeler insurance plan.

What is two-wheeler insurance?

Two-wheeler insurance plans are insurance policies for bikes. When you get insurance for your bike, you are safeguarding your bike from potential risks. With a two-wheeler insurance policy for your bike, you will be saved from huge financial impact if something happens to your vehicle. Buying bike insurance in India will help you protect your vehicle if it gets damaged or stolen.

Many insurance companies in India offer different features on their websites online to assist the customers in purchasing a plan. For instance, if you opt to purchase the TATA AIG 2 wheeler insurance plan, you will get access to their insurance premium calculator as well. It’ll help you make a smart decision.

Along with an insurance policy, you can also follow certain bike riding tips to make sure you do not harm your vehicle. Safeguarding the future of your vehicle will help you avoid raining insurance claims.

Five motorcycle riding tips that will help you avoid bike insurance claims:

  • You must wear riding gears:

Regardless of the weather conditions, it is important to wear the required bike riding gear when driving on the road. It is important to keep yourself secure at all times. While you may own a bike insurance plan for your two-wheeler, using riding gears will only help you improve your safety. You must also wear breathable clothing and carry an extra set at all times. Some of the things you must carry with you are riding footwear, ventilated helmet and a mesh jacket. Opting for the correct gears will help you on your motorcycle rides.

  • Check your bike before you start it:

You should check your bike and the engine before you kick start the vehicle. When checking the vehicle, you must ensure that the pressure in the tires is sufficient, the fuel and oil levels in the vehicle are adequate, and the brakes and clutches work well. You must also monitor the bike’s condition regularly to ensure the bike’s performance does not slide because of any reason. If any section of the vehicle malfunctions, you should get it repaired quickly before taking the vehicle for a long drive.

  • Speed restrictions:

The first step to reducing the risk on the road is to slow down your speed and drive at a manageable and safe speed. When you drive slower, you will have more time to manoeuvre your vehicle away from accidents and potential hazards. If you’re driving at high speeds, you may not be able to see upcoming turns, so you may move into a corner at high speeds and damage your vehicle. Further, if you are speeding, you may have to brake hard, which can also cause a decent amount of damage to your bike, or you may lose balance on your bike.

  • Handling the vehicles at intersections:

If you’re at intersections, you must look behind to ensure there is no approaching traffic or vehicles. Two-wheelers and motorcycles are generally subjected to accidents at intersections, so you must be aware of what is around you. Along with this, you must also make yourself visible on the roads. You can stop at the side and put on your parking lights to do so.

  • Never ride under the influence:

Driving under the influence of intoxicants is against the law, and doing it is quite dangerous for both the driver and others on the road. When driving a two-wheeler, you must make sure that you are aware and alert at all times when you are on the road. When you’ve consumed intoxicants like alcohol, your judgement may be impaired, and you may not make sound decisions or handle yourself carefully.

What are some long-distance bike riding tips?

You must pick the right bike and wear a full-face helmet at all times. Wearing a full-face helmet, with a face shield will be quite helpful for you.  Always wear protective gear. If you’re planning to ride your vehicle, you must stay sober and get some rest before going on a long drive.

It would be better if you ride in a group. You must always try to ride behind a better biker. You should try to clean and maintain your bike by yourself. Before entering different terrains, you must make sure whether your tires are suitable for the terrain or not.

You must ride with a proper posture. Practice some stretching and relaxing exercises before and after the ride. It is also important that you get a reasonable amount of rest between rides.


Thus, if you’re a bike owner, you must be responsible on the road and follow all the traffic rules. Furthermore, to protect your bike on the road, you must get a valid two-wheeler insurance policy for your vehicle. The insurance plan will help you safeguard your vehicle’s future. Along with this, following certain motorcycle tips and tricks will also help you avoid raising bike insurance claims.