5 Tips on How to Get a Tan

If you’re looking for a nice, golden even tan, there are different ways to get there. Not everyone has time to sit under the sun for hours to get the sun-kissed look that people love. A good tan gives you confidence. It exudes a healthy, outdoor lifestyle full of picnics, beach weekends, and fishing on a boat.

Pale people often want tans because they feel like it energizes them. They look better in their clothes and feel better about their bodies.

But getting a tan isn’t only done by soaking up the sun’s rays for hours at a time. That’s one way, for sure, but there are a lot of new innovations when it comes to getting a good tan. Here are five ways you can get tanned.

Laying Out in the Sun

This is the old-school, still tried and true way to get a tan. Whether you’re on the coast or in a big city, you’ll see people laying out in swimsuits every day in the summer getting ready for pool season.

It’s a great way to spend a Saturday, reading a book in the park as you tan. Going to the pool is part of most families’ summer traditions, and laying poolside during the hot hours of the day can give you a fantastic tan.

Just be careful no to lay out for too long. There are some long-term health effects of too much sun exposure.

Use Tanning Lotion to Supercharge Tanning Time

You can limit the amount of time you’re under the direct sun by using a high-quality tanning lotion. With the right lotion, you’ll get an even tan and shorten how much time you have to be outside exposed to UV rays.

Most tanning lotions need to be applied regularly every tanning session for the best effect. Read the label on your bottle and read some online reviews to find the best lotion and use it properly.

Find a Spray Tanning Salon

If you’re short on time and don’t need a long-lasting tan, you can make your way to a spray tanning salon. In most cities and towns, you’ll have at least a few options available in your neighborhood.

A lot of tanning salons offer per-use fees or monthly memberships where you can get unlimited spray tanning sessions.

Spray tans are great because they go on quickly and you can choose what shade of tan you prefer. It will last you a few weeks and is what a lot of people use early on in the summer or for important events like weddings or banquets.

Using a Tanning Bed

Many tanning salons offer both spray tanning and tanning beds for customers. With tanning beds, you undress and lay in a bed with UV lights above and below you. In short sessions, you get a powerful blast of UV rays to deliver a great-looking tan that will last.

If you want to get a good tan, you’ll need to use the tanning bed regularly. It won’t take long, but you have to go every week to maintain your tan. It’s great for people who want to keep their tan after the summer is over or who don’t have time to lay out hours every weekend.

How Peptides Affect Tanning

A lot of research is being done with peptides and how they affect a wide range of health conditions. One peptide, in particular, was found in clinical tests to darken the skin. Melanotan 2, or MT-2, is a synthetic version of the human alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone. In tests done on rodents at the University of Arizona, Melatonin 2 caused the darkening of the skin. After the findings, work started developing it into a sunless tanning option. MT2 is not yet approved by the FDA. Further research is needed to determine future medical possibilities.

These are just some of the ways you can get and keep a fantastic tan. Depending on what you like to do and how much time you have, there are different options available that can give you that copper glow you’re looking for this summer. Check out different ways to tan and try out several products to find the best fit for you.

The biggest part of getting a great tan is consistency. You have to keep at it to get the results you want.