A Knot Cane Helps to Release Trigger Knots

A knot cane is a therapeutic self massager that helps to apply pressure to ease discomfort and muscle dysfunction. A knot cane has a unique design that allows it to apply pressure on trigger points.

A knot cane can be used to apply pressure in the following regions:

  • Biceps, triceps and forearms
  • Lower, middle and upper back
  • The neck
  • The shoulders
  • Thighs and quadriceps
  • Hamstrings and calves

Features of a knot cane

A knot cane can be made from plastic or fibreglass. It has two hooks that wrap around the back, shoulder, and neck. It also has a comfortable grip and strategically placed knobs that allows one to apply pressure on trigger points.

How it works

A knot cane works by digging the knobs in the muscles and gently massaging it. The pressure applied to the target group of muscles helps to maximize the flow of blood to the muscles. This pressure also helps in restoring muscle function by splitting tension muscles into tendons and fibres. Consequently, increased circulation of oxygenated blood helps the muscles to regain efficiency.

A knot cane works to provide relief from stiffness, tension, soreness and muscle tenderness. When you begin to use a knot cane, start with light pressure for a short duration because muscles need a break.

Be keen not to overdo it because you’re likely to hurt the muscles. Initially, you will have some discomfort, but after 12-36 hours of rest, you’ll be feeling refreshed. Take a hot shower to speed muscle recovery.

For tender points, exercise extra caution by massaging the spot before working on the sore, tender regions. It is imperative to know that back muscles are deeper and tougher than forearm muscles. As such, they need more pressure.

It is also advisable to try different massage methods to help determine the best for each group of muscles. For instance, massage by applying pressure for about 10 seconds, stop, relax, and then repeat.

Benefits of using a knot cane

  • It helps deal with painful knots in the muscles
  • It can apply intense pressure on muscles that are not within your reach e.g. the middle of the back, and between the shoulder blades.
  • It treats tension and stress without medication
  • It is soothing, comforting because it penetrates the muscles fast
  • It helps the user to manage pain independently
  • Because of its size and material, it can be used anywhere and even fit in a travelling bag.

Who should use a knot cane?

A knot cane is best suited for anyone with chronic pain or one with severe mobility challenges. If you have been attending physical therapy sessions, knot cane can further help you find relief.

The same results will be achieved for anyone who spends long hours seated behind a working desk. A knot cane help in relieving post-workout tenderness and soreness.

Knot cane is suited for anyone with a limited range of mobility or motion,e.g. one recruiting from an injury and the aged.