Charging Policies of the Local Movers in Toronto That You May Have Never Known Before

Your long-cherished dream of moving to a new home can turn to be a nightmare, thanks to the packing and moving woes. Availing the services of the Best Movers in Toronto can be expensive. But if you turn to some shady service providers, then the matter can go even worse. Hence, it is always ideal to look for local service providers that offer competitive rates. All you need to have is a couple of tricks up your sleeve. They would determine if you are getting services of your money’s worth.

#Check the Source

Whether you check the classified sections, go through the telephone directory, or simply search online, several companies might be self-advertised as among the Best Moving Companies Toronto. But what they say about themselves might not always be true in all ways. There is also likely to be minimal information on pricing. So the trick is to ask for recommendations from your friends and family. Ask them what they had to pay. Next, call the companies that they have recommended for quotes. If most companies offer more or less the same deals, it might help you figure out what you will need to pay.

#The Insurance Question

Even the most Affordable Movers in Toronto would not economize on ensuring their services. Hence, while deciding on the quote, make sure that you clear all your doubts regarding the charge they ask for insuring. Here are the pointers on what you need to highlight your searches on:

  • Damage insurance: see whether the insurance they provide is sufficient to meet the value of everything it is carrying.
  • Replacement Value Protection: this is a value-added service by the most reputable movers. This will ensure coverage of the cost of your belongings in case they are lost or get damaged. Even if you do not get this coverage, your service provider must offer standard liability coverage. It would approximately cover 60% for every pound of the cargo.

#What Responsible Moving Companies Might Charge

Every moving company in Canada has its charging policies. Yet, if you survey a couple of companies that have the prestigious certification organizations like Better Business Bureau and the Canadian Association of Movers, then this is what you are likely to come across:

  • A four to six-hour move involving two professionals and a 26- to the 28-foot truck to a one-bedroom apartment might cost about $900. Moving a bigger place would need extra payment.
  • Charge for extra travel time, and having additional crew members is going to be high.
  • Expect to pay more during the month-end, as well as at the beginning of the month. The rate is also going to be higher during the holiday seasons, as well as on Sundays.
  • Companies might also levee fuel surcharge. The percentage will depend on where you are moving your things to.
  • The packing charge for fragile items, as well as charge for packing materials, might be extra.


Several reputable movers, such as Let’s Get Moving, offer a transparent pricing policy. So if you are checking out the rates from different packers and movers, then make sure to peep into this company’s website.