Contesting a Will in Dallas

No statement is important in a person’s life as a will. A will contains the last wishes of people that are very significant after their death. It legally states how a deceased’s property will be shared. A will is only valid if it is written by a sane executor aged 18 years and above. There must be two witnesses aged 14 and above to certify the will signing. Before a will is executed, it must be validated by a court.

In unfortunate circumstances, people with ill intentions can interfere with a will for their selfish interests. They may alter the wishes of the will testator to benefit them. Such situations make the loved ones of a testator prone to third parties. The loved ones may be forced to contest the will in a court.

A will contest attorney Dallas helps the contesting parties to file a contest on time before the will is probated. The attorney knows the right procedures to follow and advise accordingly. This article explains some of the things the contesters of a will need to consider before launching a will contest.


Anyone seeking to contest a will must be related to the testator or have been very close. People allowed to contest for a will include the deceased’s children, former and current spouses, the deceased’s dependents, the deceased’s cohabitees, and anyone who was under the deceased’s maintenance. Other factors that can be used to determine what each beneficiary of the will may get include the financial status of each beneficiary, responsibilities, and disabilities.


The beneficiaries of a will should seek expert advice for any claim to go through. On some rare occasions, a will might successfully be executed without the services of an attorney. However, a will contest attorney Dallas is important because he/she advises you on whether to proceed with a claim or not. Good attorneys may offer this advice for free.


The Inheritance Act only allows parties with enough evidence to contest a will. Persons may contest for a will if they have been allocated inadequate inheritance or if the will is invalid because of forgery or revoked. Another ground that can call for a will contest is suspicious conduct by the trustees. A will attorney can offer more advice on will contests.


According to the Inheritance Act, claims on a will must be made within 6 months of the probate. It is possible to launch a contest after this time, but there are higher chances the claim might flaw.

A Will Contest Attorney

Anyone seeking to contest a will should consider hiring an experienced solicitor. Legal experience and knowledge increase the chances of winning a contest. Some will contest attorneys only get paid after a successful will contest.


Before contesting for a will, it is important to factor in important aspects. With the help of a will contest attorney Dallas, it is easy to know whether a will contest will succeed or not. Will contest attorneys have the experience and legal knowledge ideal for many contests.