Essential Care Tips For Freshly Delivered Flowers 

Melbourne is not only the most populated city in Victoria. It is also known as the Garden City of Australia. The city’s temperate oceanic climate brings relatively warm summers and mild winters, making it the perfect place for plants and flowers to grow all year round.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, one of the biggest botanic gardens in the city, is filled with some of the most amazing plants and flowers, including Tasmanian Flax Lily. Other interesting plants that you can find in the city’s parks and gardens include the blueberry ash, the red cedar, and the saw banksia.

Because the city grows plenty of beautiful flower-bearing plants, many Melburnians learned how to appreciate the beauty of these blooms. They would contact melbourne flower delivery services to order the freshest bouquets and flower arrangements.

If you ordered for a bouquet or received flower arrangements as gifts from a flower delivery service in Melbourne, here are some of the ways to keep the blooms fresh for a long time.

What To Do After Receiving Flowers?

After receiving a bouquet or a flower arrangement from a melbourne flower delivery service, you need to keep it away from extreme temperatures as soon as possible. Leaving the blooms outside for an extended period can cause it to dry out quickly, which can lead to immediate wilting.

If the flowers delivered are covered in plastic, you need to remove the cover immediately. You must also avoid exposing the blooms to cigarette smoke or in areas directly hit by the sun. If possible, you need to keep the flowers in cool environments.

How To Keep Flowers Fresh Longer?

To ensure that the flowers will last a long time, you must put it in a vase filled with clean water. All the foliage stems of the bouquet must be submerged.

You can add several items that you can find in your cupboard to make the flowers stay fresh. Adding two tablespoons of both sugar and apple cider vinegar to the water in the vase can serve as longevity enhancers for the blooms. A quarter cup of clear sparkling soda and crushed aspirin added to the water are also effective to preserve the flowers longer when placed in the vase.

How To Change Water In The Flower Arrangement

If you received a beautiful flower arrangement from a florist in Melbourne, you would want to maintain its bloom for the longest possible time. To do this, you must remove any dried or dying flowers from the arrangement and maintain the remaining fresh ones.

Once you are already left with the fresh flowers, you need to clean the vase properly using soapy water to get rid of all the bacteria that caused the rapid deterioration of fresh blooms. You need to be sure that you rinsed the vase thoroughly to remove all the soap suds. Then replace the water with a fresh one. Some florists include a flower preservative in the arrangement. You must mix it with the water first before adding the blooms. You can also cut the stems at an angle using a sharp knife. It will help the flowers absorb the water faster.

Flowers may cost a lot, but it can light up the mood of any person who receives it. So if you get a flower delivery from a Melburnian florist, you need to take care of the blooms right away to preserve its freshness. It will ensure that the happiness that the flowers bring can be felt for a long time.