Features and Advantages of Grinding Mill Clutches

Grinding mill clutches are used to ensure a mill startup is smooth. The clutch acts as a circuit breaker during the operation. This protects the ring gear from being damaged by the grinding material saving the owner hefty repair costs. Industrial grinding mill clutches are uniquely designed because they operate in heavy-duty grinding mills. They are used in several industries, including mining, paper, metalworking, heavy industrial, marine, and oil and gas.   Below are the features and advantages of the grinding mill clutches.


Quick-Release Valve

This valve closes and opens with low than 20lbs making it discharge faster than other nerves. It can engage in lots of operations before leaking is realized. This can help double the industry’s productivity, making lots of profits.

Quality Material

The body and cap are made of aluminum alloy, and the stern is molded nylon. The pipe thread and tube connection can hold high pressure.


They connect the gas and air that isn’t rotating and make the fluid in line with the rotating shaft. This makes it have a longer lifespan and easy to install.

Other Features

  • Friction shoes that disengages the drum by moving in and out radially.
  • A tire-like tube which is flexible and found behind the friction shoes expands due to high pressure and enables the friction shoes to engage the drum by moving inwards.
  • Electrical and pneumatic portions are in the clutch system and control the grinding mill clutch. This ensures that the system doesn’t fail when engaged in the operation.
  • A pressure-actuated switch prevents the motor from starting when the air pressure is engaged in the clutch. The grinding mill clutch can only work when the user needs it to.


  • The absence of splines and linkages and lack of air-actuation minimizes operation time and eliminates any mechanical failures.
  • There’s no air used when the clutch is working except when it needs engagement. They are uniquely designed as closed systems.
  • The clutch and drum can be unbolted from the mounting elements making them drop between the shafts.
  • They can operate on grinding mills with heavy motors saving on the cost of high-torque equipment.
  • They can be used to charge, discharge, or reline the grinding mill at a significant speed. This can be referred to as jogging or inching the grinding mill.
  • The clutches prevent peak-power demands by bringing the grinding mill components in-line. This only allows the maximum power needed.
  • In seconds, the inertia loads are brought into operation by the units. This helps to speed up the work and increase productivity while cutting down the cost of operation.
  • The grinding mill clutches allow a smooth start to ensure that the high-torque motor’s shocks don’t damage the drive trains.
  • The grinding mill clutches have a high-torque capacity of 360. It can efficiently operate in various industries, including mining and marine.

The grinding mill clutches enable operations in various industries. Because they engage in massive operations, their features help a smooth process and prevent mechanical failures. These clutches also have numerous advantages that enable an enterprise to produce more while spending less.