Five Ways Chandler HOA Boards and Managers Can Encourage Community Involvement Among Members

Quality HOA management is focused on increasing the involvement of community members. Unfortunately, HOA boards usually struggle to make this happen. Thankfully, a reputable chandler hoa management company knows how to get homeowners involved positively. They can give you helpful advice to make this happen including the following:

Updating the Communication Platform of Your Association

If you want busy residents to get involved in the activities initiated by your association, you must connect them on platforms they may see. You should share real-time announcements on all your communication platforms including newsletters, the community’s website, member portals, email blasts, social media, and other communication means. A great management team can help you launch a new platform where you can post updates frequently.

Taking Advantage of Community Events

Community events offer a chance to bring association announcements to residents. During every event, have at least one board member give a brief update about upcoming HOA events to be held. By doing this, homeowners can see that their HOA board is working hard to maintain the association. 

Staying Vigilant

If you want members of the community to become more involved, do not ever give up. If the board held a certain event and attendance is not satisfying, update the idea during the next event. Events happening in a community must evolve over time to maintain their relevance. By making important improvements, things are kept fresh and inviting. Before the event date, give residents lots of advance notice and ensure event re-caps and photographs are released once the event concludes. 

Always Telling Residents their Engagement is Appreciated

Busy homeowners may miss out on a significate community update. But your board or the HOA manager should always remind them of available resources such as maintenance request forms, the homeowner portal, and contact information for your HOA manager to access the information. Allowing for easy contact methods makes it impossible for community members to share valuable feedback with the manager and the board. 

Encouraging Residents to Occupy an Important Position

Community members who have plenty of ideas on how the HOA must be run must be urged to take a position on the board during the next election. They must be encouraged to talk to the HOA manager or a board member and learn about the expectations set for the position. 

In addition, residents must also be encouraged to take part in one of the planning committees of the community. HOAs may have a social committee as well as separate groups for landscaping and architectural review.