How To Lease A Corporate Space?

If one is planning to lease a corporate space, he/she has to be ready to face challenges and difficulties. This is more evident in cases where there is a relocation of an existing business house to a new location or one is planning to start a new business. Since huge investment is involved, one must make sure that he/she is signing a lease for the corporate space that can protect the business interests. When one is looking for corporate leasing atlanta offers a myriad of options.

It is not easy to find a commercial space for leasing

Finding a commercial space and signing a lease is not as easy and simple as it might sound. One has to understand the terms and conditions of the lease and accordingly negotiate and thereby finally make the deal by signing. It is necessary to have complete knowledge of the process because one mistake can cost a huge loss.

Exploring different locations for corporate space

To find a space for a store or a business one needs to drive around the city or town and look out for malls and places that are perfect for the venture. One has to choose the location based on the needs and type of the business. To save some time and money, one can seek the aid of the online commercial lease listing websites and get hold of one location.

How much rent can be afforded monthly?

Before one finalizes any specific corporate space for the venture, he/she needs to determine the potential of paying the rent. How much can one afford every month? If one can answer this question, it becomes easier to know about one’s potential of leasing a corporate space and thereby bring business growth. Knowing the financial situation is a key step in corporate leasing atlanta properties.

Physically examining the properties

One might seek the help of the online commercial space lease listing. Physically examining the locations is essential. It is recommended to fix a specific time to meet with the landlords and ask them about the details on tenant turnover, leasehold developments and improvements, traffic counts and lease tenure, and so on. Above all, it is necessary to be clear with the location before one can make any final decision. While considering corporate leasing atlanta is the location to offer a wide array of corporate real estate properties.

Choosing one property

It is essential to choose one property for the corporate space and arrange for the lease documents. One needs to take note of several factors like net fees, the base rent, CAM, allowances for moving or relocating, options for renewal and termination, security deposit, subleasing option, and many others. It is necessary to negotiate the terms and conditions of the lease agreement.

Hiring a lawyer

Since one is not aware of the terms and conditions of the lease and the legalities involved it is better to hire a real estate lawyer who can review the complete lease and help one to get a genuine property and a good deal. It is always recommended to avoid making hasty decisions and inviting trouble. Thus, seeking the help of a professional and experienced real estate lawyer when one is seeking corporate leasing atlanta properties.

What are the factors that must be considered before signing the lease paper?

  • Budget

There are certain things that one must ask about the leased corporate space.

Ø  How expensive or affordable the rent is?

Ø  How often does it increase?

Ø  Does the lease include any utilities?

Ø  How much security deposit is demanded?

Ø  What happens if one needs to move out before the lease is completed?

  • Policies

The questions regarding policies include:

Ø  The due date for the lease. Are there are late charges?

Ø  Does one need to buy any renter’s insurance?

Ø  Who will be held responsible in case of any breakage or wear and tear?

  • Amenities and comfort

While seeking amenities and comfort, the following aspects must be considered.

Ø  Is there any facility for parking space? Is there any monthly fee applicable?

Ø  What are the appliances that are allowed?

Ø  Is the locality safe and free from vandalism acts?

Measures to be taken while signing the lease

Before signing the lease, the renter should read all the terms and conditions properly. All expenses from the monthly rent to deposit to the office sharing common spaces, the maintenance cost, etc. all should be mentioned in the agreement.  The renter should read the section mentioning the maintenance, cleaning of trash, oiling of the lift., etc. The information depicted must be clear and well-defined so that there is no confusion.

One should pay attention to the section where the landlord mentioned all the conditions that could lead to the cancellation of the lease. Negotiation of the lease is a must. The renter should make a list of all the needs before telling the landlord and signing the lease. The renter should make sure that the relocation or expansion clause is mentioned in the lease so that if there is a scene of relocation if the business needs to be expanded, the renter has the right to terminate whenever he wants to. The lease should also mention that the landlord is not allowed to hand over the space to someone else and has to inform the renter prior.


Leasing a corporate space in a city like Atlanta is not an easy task. There are so many aspects that one must give importance to. Starting from the location, amenities offered, the transportation facilities, safe location, etc., are some important factors that one must look out for. Furthermore, there are multiple things that one must ask before signing the lease paper for a corporate space. It is better to evaluate and analyze the conditions before any final decisions are made and investment is made. Once an individual signs the paper and pay the required amount to the landlord it is almost near to impossible to revert the time and shift to a better place. Thus, it is recommended not to make haste decisions. When one wants corporate leasing atlanta is one such location that doesn’t disappoint the renters.