How Will a Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyer Help After a Bicycle Accident

Cycling down the Brooklyn streets with the wind streaming against your face and blood coursing through your veins can be thrilling. But it could be risky, even if you stick to the bike lanes because you never know when a careless driver crashes into you. While Queens recorded the highest number of bicycle accidents, Brooklyn was a close second.

Most of the bicycle accidents happened around an arterial street, which is a main road or thoroughfare. With 24 percent of the adult New Yorkers riding a bike daily, the bike network is growing, and so are the chances of a bike accident. Seven percent of bicycle accidents happen on a limited-access highway. Well, that’s when you need a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer to help you out.

Did you know that the New York Times declared 2019 as a dangerous year for cyclists as many of them were killed by drivers? Crashing into a car, bus, cab, or even a motorbike can leave you with severe injuries. You might suffer temporary or permanent disability or could be hospitalized for a long time. A bike accident is very unfortunate; however, you need to be aware of a few things as a regular biker.

Here are a few tips for cyclists:

Keep the Evidence Intact

Soon after the accident, ensure that you collect the relevant evidence from the accident scene and preserve it. While doing that, don’t forget to collect the concerned driver’s personal details, along with the insurance details.

If there are any witnesses around, don’t forget to get their name, address, and contact details. Take some photographs of the accident scene while it is still fresh and undisturbed. Your damaged bike should be preserved for forensic analysis, which involves engineering principles and scientific investigation.

Crucial to Preserve Evidence

It is crucial to collect every tiny shred of evidence and preserve it before it is destroyed or lost. If you have any GPS data, please preserve it, as it will help pinpoint the exact accident spot.

Saving data also helps your Brooklyn personal injury lawyer fight your case efficiently. Photographs of your bike and the vehicle involved in the accident should be taken and preserved. Please note that you are likely to lose the compensation as the lawsuit can be dismissed if there is no evidence.

Seek Medical Assistance

Depending on the severity of your accident-related injuries, you can require immediate medical assistance and treatment. If you can, call for medical help, else get some bystander to do it for you.

Even if you think you have a few bruises and abrasions, you need to be examined by a doctor to check if you have suffered any internal injuries. Call 911 to seek immediate medical attention, and preserve all medical reports, which need to be produced in court.

Filing an Insurance Claim

After you have filed a formal report with the police, you also need to file an insurance claim. It would help if you did this as soon as possible because the driver’s insurance company will negotiate a settlement. Don’t speak with the insurance folks or commit anything before talking to your Brooklyn personal injury lawyer. In case the insurance company refuses to compensate you, the lawyer will initiate legal action.

Contact your Attorney Immediately

With multiple New York City and State laws applicable to bike accidents, only an attorney can review your case and tell you your legal rights. Please also note a statutory time framework within which your compensation claim has to be filed. No-fault claims have a shorter time framework and need to be acted upon immediately.

Summing it Up

According to data released by the New York Police Department (NYPD), there is a 42 percent increase in bicycle injuries this year compared to 2019. Despite the COVID19 pandemic, bike injuries have increased, and Mayor de Blasio has advised people to abstain from biking to work, though bikers aren’t heeding their advice. It is essential to follow the advice given by the authorities and wear protective headgear and ride a bike that fits you.