Hypospadias Surgery – Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hypospadias Surgery Specialist

Hypospadias is a condition or birth defect in boys in which the penis’ opening is on the underside rather than the tip. The condition is pretty common and, although it can be left as it is, hypospadias surgery is recommended.

What is the cause of hypospadias?

As with many other defects during birth, the primary cause of hypospadias is not yet known. However, doctors have arrived at various reasons that could cause hypospadias.  Some of these are:

  • Genetics- When a boy has hypospadias, it is more likely that his dad was born with the same issue.
  • Fertility treatments – Hormonal therapy used during pregnancy or to get a mother pregnancy could result in hypospadias in the son.
  • Mother’s age and weight- There is a huge likelihood that a son may be born with hypospadias if the mother is overweight and above age forty. Also, if the mother had diabetes during pregnancy, the son may be born with hypospadias.

Some of the ways you can minimize the chances of your son having hypospadias during pregnancy are through:

  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Ensure to take folic acid.
  • Schedule appointments with a reputable doctor.

Hypospadias can be detected by the doctor during the baby’s examination after birth. It is easy to spot the defect easily as you can physically examine your son.

Types of hypospadias

There are three types, depending on the location of the urethra. These are near the head of the penis, along the shaft of the penis, and, where the penis and scrotum meet. As stated above, hypospadias is corrected through hypospadias surgery.

What are some of the tips you should consider when choosing a hypospadias surgery specialist?

  • Certification and accreditation

The first step that will guide and help you to know whether you are working with a professional hypospadias surgery specialist is checking on their accreditations. Request to see the certification of the surgeon. This will give you peace of mind that your son is being handled by a professional. One who has the right certification is accredited, and their services are regarded as fit to consider.

  • Licenses

Checking the licenses of the hypospadias surgery specialist is critical before obtaining the services of the surgeon. A surgeon who is licensed has the right experience, education, knowledge, and skills to perform successful surgeries. When a hypospadias surgery specialist has the right licenses, you will not be held responsible in the case of a mishap after or during surgery.

  • Recommendations

Finding a professional hypospadias surgery specialist can be a daunting task although, with recommendations, your work is made easy. To avoid making costly mistakes while choosing a surgeon, ask around from friends, family, and relatives of surgeons they have experience with and their success stories.

  • Excellent communication skills

Communication is a vital aspect when it comes to seeking the services of a hypospadias surgery specialist. The best surgeon observes courtesy and treats their patients in the best way. They should possess proper communication skills since communication is essential for any relationship to thrive.