Improving Indoor Air Quality after a Wildfire with an Air Purifier for Smoke

Wildfires across the world have been alarming among homeowners. The recent incidents in Australia, Western US, and some other parts of the world put indoor air quality into the spotlight.

Dry weather conditions increase the chances for a wildfire to start. And though the incident may be far from your home, moving air can fill your vicinity with unpleasant fumes that can hurt your eyes and cause respiratory irritations.

Using an air purifier for smoke is one of the crucial steps to secure indoor air quality and protect your family from having any respiratory conditions. Air purifiers specially designed to filter and ionise unwanted air is always critical in such conditions.

People at Risk of Suffering from Wildfire Smoke

Wildfire smoke contains particulate matter, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and various other compounds that can trigger respiratory conditions. Older people are not the only ones at risk of suffering from bouts of attacks, but also those with a pre-existing condition.

Smoke coming from a wildfire spreads in the direction of the wind. It can quickly spread across communities, polluting air quality and making breathing difficult for people. Some of the people who are at risk include:

  • People with pre-existing heart and lung conditions. Someone with heart disease or a lung condition should keep in mind that smoke from wildfire causes triggers. These people need an air purifier for smoke more than any other because billowing smoke can be deadly.
  • Older people. Older adults are more likely affected by wildfire smoke because of their increased risk of having a pre-existing heart and lung problem.
  • Young children can develop lung problems due to exposure to smoke. Children have underdeveloped airways which makes them susceptible to developing lung problems later in life. Exposure to bushfire fumes increases this risk which potentially leads to disastrous consequences.

Prevent Fumes and Other Gases from Penetrating the Inside of Your House

Taking steps to decrease exposure to harmful gases caused by wildfire is one big strategy to take when such events happen. Although you may be far from the location of the fire, fumes and other obnoxious gases can penetrate the inside of your house as the wind travels and changes directions at times.

Using an air purifier for smoke is a viable solution to this type of problem. Carbon air purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters removing as much as 99.9% of harmful gases and smoke particles from your environment.

Keep your indoors clean as much as possible by running your air purifier and avoiding all possible entryway for bushfire smoke to come in. If you have a family member with a heart or lung condition, sanitising indoor air should not just be done when there is wildfire smoke.

Instead, it should be a daily ritual to filter air quality and avoid aggravating their condition.  Cigarette and tobacco smoke are also potential hazards for young people and those with a pre-existing health condition.


As the old cliché dictates, prevention is always better than cure. If you live in an area that particularly goes dry during the summer season, wildfires can be a frequent occurrence. Protecting your family goes a long way from steering you away from unwarranted medical expenses.

Having an air purifier for a smoke at home will not just protect your family against harmful fumes caused by wildfire. Still, it can be an ally against sicknesses caused by the accumulation of pollutants and bacteria inside your home.