Know All About The Effects of CBD Oil for Mental Health

The cannabis plant has been deployed for its high-potency medical benefits traditionally for thousands of years. The plant contains more than 80 different natural compounds known as cannabinoids. While CBD or cannabidiol is the most abundant and is well known for its mental health benefits, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is another common compound with psychoactive effects.

CBD has been a subject of interest in recent years. A 2019 research letter published by JAMA Network Open reported a significant increase in Internet searches for CBD in the United States. If you or your loved one is suffering from mental health conditions of anxiety, depression, or insomnia, it’s worth giving CBD oil a shot.

You may consider a renowned CBD brand and check out Lazarus CBD oil products as a natural remedy for prevalent mental health disorders and sleep problems.

Here are some of the well-known effects of CBD oil for mental health you can count on:

  • Anxiety –

It is estimated that 264 million adults worldwide have anxiety, which roughly amounts to one out of ten people who get diagnosed with this mental health disorder. Rather than opting for commonly prescribed treatments that constitute drugs, you can also opt for CBD Oil to treat anxiety disorders.

Besides, most people with anxiety fail to seek the right treatment due to high-cost considerations. Even a low-cost treatment for anxiety such cognitive-behavioral therapies cost roughly $100-$120 or more per hour along with the added cost of the prescription drugs. Additionally, not all healthcare insurers provide comprehensive coverage, making it even more difficult for those suffering from anxiety to tackle the symptoms.

This makes a case for CBD oil since several studies prove its efficacy and it is also available at a relatively cheaper cost. Ensure to opt for a full-spectrum CBD oil for its comprehensive benefits and check out Lazarus CBD Oil, for instance, which is a locally-sourced and reliable brand in the market.

  • Depression

Depression is another common mental health disorder that CBD oils help to treat. CBD oil has been investigated for possessing antidepressant properties and work by boosting the happy hormone known as Serotonin in your system.

Since a full-spectrum CBD oil extracted from Hemp also has trace amounts of THC psychoactive compound, there is a common misconception that it may induce a feeling of high like marijuana. However, this compound is contained only in trace amounts and is not potent enough to cause such psychoactive effects.

On the contrary, the good part of CBD oil containing a more abundant form of cannabinoids is a feel-good molecule naturally produced by the body when we feel relaxed and calm.

Research suggests the cannabinoids from CBD oil can stop the breakdown of a molecule named anandamide. When we retain more anandamide in our body, there’s more bliss, thus reversing the effects of depression.

  • Sleep Problems

Since CBD oil has an overall calming effect on the mind and body, it may hold promise in treating insomnia. Sleep is another foremost component of mental health and well-being with a brain-stimulating effect to help you feel rejuvenated. Yet, with the growing stress and erratic work schedule these days, most people have difficulty falling asleep.

CBD oil can work miracles to induce sleep naturally without resorting to unsafe drugs that can make you overly dependent on them.

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Characterized by symptoms, including intrusive thoughts, nightmares, and avoidance of things that may trigger memories of the trauma, PTSD is another common mental health problem.

Studies have found that an oral dose of CBD oil in addition to routine psychiatric treatment for PTSD was associated with a reduction in symptoms.

CBD holds great promise to support mental health issues and can be beneficial if taken in the right doses regularly for an overall state of balance in mind and body. It would be worth to invest in a high-quality CBD oil and check out Lazarus CBD Oil products to know how you can benefit from this supplement.