Nursing Shortage and Learning Online Nursing Programs

Learning online nursing programs may help alleviate the nursing shortage in america. We’re presently experiencing a vital nursing shortage that’s stretching healthcare to the limits. What you know already we’re able to alleviate the shortage by training more nurses, but within lies the issue. There are many qualified applicants for that available spots in nursing schools. We just do not have sufficient nursing educators to educate them.

Nursing is really a scientifically rigorous discipline using the added dependence on hands-on technical skills. Nursing education includes a classroom component along with a clinical component. Distance education nursing programs happen to be readily available for years, but supplying the clinical element of the curriculum remains problematic.

The minimum degree for any nursing educator is really a masters in nursing (MSN). Distance education programs that prepare existing nurses to become nurse educators may be the means to fix the nursing shortage.

There’s presently little incentive for BSN prepared nurse to carry on the amount. Graduate education in nursing is costly and rigorous. It’s very hard for a functional nurse to obtain the time, energy and sources for college. And that he has little reason to do this BSN prepared nurses have the majority of the same possibilities as MSN prepared nurses, making comparable amount of cash. Education is among the couple of areas they aren’t able to find employment in, and many nursing educators make less cash than BSN prepared hospital nurses.

There’s two ways in which learning online nursing programs might help.

RN to MSN Programs

RN’s who don’t possess a BSN will have limited career possibilities. It’s harder to allow them to advance into management and niche areas, which is a motivation on their behalf to return to school and obtain a diploma. RN to BSN programs allow it to be relatively simple for working nurses to obtain a degree. Most are like distance education programs, and they’re configured for working adults.

RN’s who make an application for individuals programs might be asked to enter RN to MSN programs rather. RN to MSN programs already exist. We’re able to use individuals programs to organize more nursing educators by looking into making it simpler to accomplish them by recruiting more nurses into them. When a registered nurse expresses curiosity about a registered nurse to BSN program, possibly he or she is offered entrance into a registered nurse to MSN program rather.

BSN to PhD Programs

There is not lots of incentive for MSN prepared nurses to educate. Possibly this means that we ought to recruit more nurses into doctorate programs. PhD prepared nursing educators will have more possibilities and earn more money than MSN prepared educators. Possibly we ought to recruit BSN prepared nurses into doctorate programs rather of attempting to convince these to pursue a masters degree.