Should you switch to TDS Internet in 2021?

TDS is a company that provides telephone, Internet, and TV services to everyone, including business owners who are working from home. If you want to get a TV phone and Internet services, you should go for TDS services. The most significant advantage with TDS Telecom is that they provide not just one kind of connection. Their Internet connection types provide cable, fiber, and DSL connections if you check their Internet connection types. The Internet packages are also varied with various Internet speeds and price brackets. The only problem with the TDS connection is that you must be careful when opting for cable and Internet deals. The DSL Internet is, and the cable is pretty high price compared to the data and speed that you will receive.

Like in the case of other Internet service providers, TDS Internet service providers also provide bundling options. This helps the customers reduce their overall budget. However, the main problem here is the problematic customer service and the expensive rates of some plans.

Availability of TDS

Before you even think of opting for TDS, you need to know if TDS is available in your location or not. Currently, TDS is servicing in around 27 USA states. The most extensive coverage of TDS is in Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Michigan. Now, the DSL Internet of TDS Telecom has over 2.2 million customers and thus is the ten largest residential internet provider.

Along with DSL, TDS also has fiber and cable Internet options to its US customers. The fiber and cable services are being used by half a million population residing in the US.

Pricing and packages

As you must have noticed in the case of the other Internet service providers, the type of Internet service and the specific features you will avail will depend on your residential or business location. The best Internet package that you can opt for is the fiber connection. Unfortunately, the fiber connection is not available in all areas. It is limited in availability to specific cities and towns. On the other hand, the DSL cable services cover all the suburban and rural areas.

Since there are many types of customers with different Internet requirements, TDS tries to fulfill all kinds of needs by offering 12 other Internet plans. The basic package starts from $29.95 per month and goes all the way to $109.95 per month for the highest package.

The turbo package for Internet connection

Suppose you are a very light Internet user who only requires Internet for browsing occasionally, shopping, and checking emails. In that case, the turbo Internet package is what you should ask for. It is perfectly suitable for supporting a few devices and offers a speed up to 15 Mbps. The upload speed in this package is 768 kbps to 2 Mbps. This speed is enough for video conferencing, streaming music online et cetera. You need to remember that the 15 Mbps Internet speed that is available for $29.99 a month is not always available at that price. Once the first year is over, the price gets back to the regular rate, which is $59.95 per month for the entirety of the second year.

Equipment fees

TDS has its WiFi modem, which they want their customers to use. When calculating your Internet pricing, you must also add the rent of the WiFi modem to your monthly budget.

  • For the DSL plan, the price of the modem is $6.95 per month
  • In the case of the fiber Internet plan, the cost of the modem is $8 per month
  • In the case of the cable Internet plans, the modem price is $10 per month.

If you are just testing out the company and you do not know if you will be sticking to TDS or not, you can go for renting the modern. If you have already decided to stick with TDS, it is best if you buy your own modem rather than keep renting it. Renting is primarily beneficial for those with a nomadic lifestyle or who do not know if they will be availing of the services of the company for long.

Service fees

Several customers have reported that sometimes there are hidden fees in TDS that the customers are not made aware of beforehand. However, if you notice something in your bill that does not matter, you can always call up customer care and find out. TDS does not charge any activation fee, but a one-time setup fee of $14.95. The setup fee applies to all the Internet packages irrespective of which one you are availing.

One primary drawback in the case of the TDS services is the termination fee. IF you decide the leave the company before the two years is up, you may have to buy yourself out of the contract.