Social Good: Practices That Are Beneficial to Society as a Whole

What is social good?

Have you heard of the term social good? If not, it is the same as the common good. It refers to anything that benefits the most significant number of individuals in the most massive and possible way. Let us think about clean air and water. It can also be education, literacy, and healthcare. Social good has been around for a long time now. In fact, we can even date back to the time of the ancient Greeks. The philosophers from that time state that there is a positive impact on people in society. Charities and philanthropic works use this as a basis.

If we define a business from a capitalist point of view, we can say that companies only exist to generate the maximum possible return to shareholders. This definition is most likely not in line with serving the common good. For example, it does not help promote clean air and water or encourage people’s independence. Corporations that make an effort related to corporate sustainability and social responsibility have business models that broaden to have more work promoting social good in daily strategies and operations.

Corporations on social good

What is an example of social good? It might be safe to say that many people know Bill Gates. He is the founder of Microsoft and one of the wealthiest people in the world. He allocated a massive portion of his wealth to solving some of the world’s problems. For example, these issues include reducing or eliminating diseases like HIV, malaria, unsolved tropical diseases, and the like. This, here, is an example of social good. Companies that have social responsibility do not just help society and the environment alone. It also helps the said company, especially if they highlight their work for the social good. It somehow gives a company a sense of purpose and even passion. Aside from that, it helps employees when they believe in their company’s mission and vision. They give more effort and devotion to their work. Aside from that, it helps build bonds in the community. If a company helps a community, this kindness may return to them. How? They can attract more customers as they support companies that give back to the community. As a customer, don’t you think it helps companies build and maintain their brands, identities, and people’s loyalty if they work for the social good?

Everything is documented nowadays. 

Have you ever experienced scrolling through social media posts, and you suddenly see a post about a guy randomly helping people? Let’s say one person shares it, many more people will see it, and many more people may share it too. This is how easy news and stories spread, especially if they are worthy of attention. Hence, social media has now become a significant part of social good. It is easier to inform and educate the public. It is effortless to advocate and raise funds for programs supporting the social good. Hence, social good is not only limited to company giants. Even ordinary people can advocate for it.