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Unless you have time, like numbers and mastering the basics of accounting analysis, to reduce your costs, entrust the analysis of your co-ownership accounts to an association of co-owners (such as ARC, UNPI, etc.), of consumer protection or to a specialized company. For variable rates depending on the number of lots and the facilities of the residence (elevators, green spaces, security, etc.), this meticulous examination makes it possible to scrutinize the content and regularity of general meetings, invoices, contracts, costs, consumption water and energy.

What is theObjective

To compare them with similar condominiums and to formulate legal, technical and practical recommendations that can lead to cost savings of 15% on average and up to 30%.You can Read these reviews and come up with the solutions.


Discover costly anomalies. For example, these expenses for lighting an underground garage billed 5,000 euros per year because of an oversized EDF subscription. Or an error of nearly 1,400 euros to the detriment of a condominium whose property manager did not react while GDF had billed it for three years a tax reserved for professional customers.

Cut in fixed charges and save up to 10%

  • Fixed costs such as heating, maintenance and trustee costs as well as insurance premiums are the items costing the co-owners the most. Especially when the contracts are renewed annually without either the trustee or the union council finding fault with the rate increases imposed by the companies.
  • Example with this condominium whose maintenance bills for green spaces have, for equal services, increased by 5%, 10% and then 7% over the last three years. An increase without real justification. All the more reason to start negotiations and, if necessary, to stop the automatic renewals of contracts during general meetings, in order to turn to the highest bidder. “For example, on insurance contracts that have never been put into competition, we can earn on average 1,000 euros per joint ownership , underlines Claude Pouey, of the ARC . Same thing for the maintenance contract for elevators or the one. heating. ” Another avenue for condominiums equipped with collective heating: call on a company specializing in rebalancing their network to reduce their fuel bill by 10%.

Co-ownership charges: reduce staff costs and save up to 50%

His presence is reassuring and his services invaluable. But, at more or less 40,000 euros per year, the price to pay for a permanent caretaker makes it less essential for condominiums in search of savings. Problem, you often have to wait for retirement to consider reducing this expense item. By replacing the janitor with a building employee or by a cleaning company on the basis of precise specifications. Unless considering the recruitment of a part-time caretaker, to share with one or more other condominiums. Expected savings on personnel costs: 30% on average, and up to 50%.