Things To Be Aware Of When Buying A Garage Door

Buying a garage door sounds like a simple task. What would you consider when purchasing one? Most people concern themselves with shape,size,and aesthetics. There’s more to know. Consider these points with a single garage door size or any garage door installation project.

Get a Warranty:

Make sure you have a warranty. If the door breaks, you can repair it prior to the warranty end date. Many people aren’t aware that warranties come with this home fixture. Know the terms before purchase. The parts and panels on the door are what’s covered by warranty. Some warranties are lifetime and some companies offer the upgrade. We suggest the ladder since the door is part of your home for the duration.

To Insulate or not to Insulate:

Insulated garage doors hold a wealth of benefit to the homeowner that’s far beyond warmth. The temperature doesn’t matter, although a warm garage is golden. An insulated garage door also keeps noise from escaping; increases the curb appeal of the home because they’re attractive; they increase the resale value, and they’re less prone to damage. It’s a natural mold preventive because it regulates the temperature enough to keep it at bay.

Find what Style is Good for You:

Luckily, garage doors have come a long way from the old wooden, manual open, barn style. Although this type is still around and considered to be a great complement to certain house types.


This is a logical choice to begin with. This type is perfect for an ultra-modern home. The common materials used are glass that highlights metal in a variety of shapes.

Carriage Style:

It’s important to know that these doors open from the center so for single garage door size these may not be available. This style is versatile. They’re a complement to contemporary and older style homes due to the rustic look.

Raised Panel:

This style is a complement to a more contemporary home. They’re crafted with rectangular patterned panels.

The popular preference for garage doors is wood. The look, feel and texture provides a sophisticated look and a warmth to the look of the home. There are challenges with wood garage doors. They need more maintenance than other types and are less durable in some cases so they won’t last as long as metal or other materials.

If you’re stuck on the look of wood there is a solution. Choose a garage door make of metal with a wood fascia . That means, you’ve got the durability of metal with less maintenance and longevity with a false wood finish. A good quality door won’t give that away. It will look authentic even up close.

The Garage Door Opener:

Now, what about the garage door opener? You’re thinking, “what?” There are important things to know here, too. There are belt driven and chain driven. A belt opener requires less maintenance because it has fewer moving parts. It’s more expensive. The chain opener is noisier with more moving parts. It takes more maintenance. It’s less expensive.

Take these important points into consideration and you’ll have a seamless garage door installation experience. Make sure you have the right company to purchase from. They should be knowledgeable and have customers they’ve installed for in the local area for visual reference . We can offer you what you need on your next install.