Useful Tips You Should Know About Belong NBN Plans

Even if Belong is owned by Telstra, they offer their own set of NBN plans to provide more options to the subscribers. One of the top features of their plans is that you get to have a mobile broadband credit the moment you sign up for their internet plan. They also keep their plan structure simple and easy to understand by offering unlimited data on all their plans in the different speed tiers. Aside from this, below are some other useful tips that you should know about the various plans offered by Belong.

Belong Internet Plans

Typically, Belong offers three main broadband plans, covering different speed tiers of the NBN network. These Belong NBN plans include the Starter, Standard Plus, as well as the Premium packs that cater to the NBN25, NBN50, and NBN100 respectively. Look into each of these plans in detail below.

  • Starter NBN

Belong’s Starter NBN plan is perfect for those who want a fast internet connection at a low price. This is because, with this plan, you only need to pay $60 a month for an average speed of 30Mbps. This is under the month-to-month contract. In case you go for the 12-month contract, then you only need to pay $55 a month. This is a good deal considering that the average speed of the plans of other providers only reaches up to 22Mbps in the NBN25 speed tier.

  • Standard Plus NBN

The Standard Plus NBN plan of Belong is perfect for a household with three or more members simultaneously surfing the web. With an average speed of 40Mbps, you will only be paying $70 monthly under a month-to-month contract. Still, you will be paying $5 less if you go for a 12-month contract for this plan. While this is considered one of the cheapest plans in the market when it comes to this speed tier, it is also one of the slowest.

  • Premium NBN

Belong also caters to the NBN100 or the fast speed tier by offering the Premium NBN plan with an average speed of 80Mbps. For this service, you need to shell out $95 monthly for a month-to-month contract that allows you to leave anytime you wish should you be dissatisfied with their service. You don’t get any other discount though because a 12-month contract is not offered with this plan. Aside from this, you also need to pay for the Wi-Fi modem which costs $60.

Features and Bonuses of Belong Plans

  • Unlimited Data. All of Belong NBN plans offer unlimited data.
  • NBN Speeds. Belong has plans that cater to the different speed tiers of the NBN network.
  • Technology Type. Belong is capable of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Fibre to the Building (FTTB), Fibre to the Curb (FTTC), and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) connections.
  • The Wi-Fi modems are included in the plans that offer a 12-month contract, otherwise, you need to pay $60 for it.

Factors Affecting your Internet Speed

There are several things that can affect your internet connection, such as the number of people surfing the web at the same time or how you are connected. The latter means whether you are using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Your internet speed may also be affected by the activities that you do over the web such as whether you are streaming or uploading high-volume content.

The length and type of cabling used to connect to your service can also affect the speed of your internet connection. Any damage to these cables can slow down your connection significantly. Of course, network outages in your area can also have an impact on your internet connection, as well as the presence of malware and viruses in your device.

How to Improve the Internet Speed of your Plan

To improve your internet connection, it is a good idea to check each of the factors that affect your internet speed. It may be that somebody else is connected to your internet without you being aware. In this case, make sure that you employ a strong and unique password to inhibit unauthorized access in your internet connection.

Also, check whether there is another device that might be interfering with your connection to address it properly. It is also a good idea to verify whether you have used up all your data allowance, in case you are subscribed to a service with a data cap.

In conclusion, depending on the speed that you need, you will have the opportunity to choose from the Starter NBN, Standard Plus NBN, or the Premium NBN plans offered by Belong. Rest assured that from any of these plans, you will already get unlimited data features, which eliminates the stress of having to worry about excess usage charges. However, while their plans are designed to be simple, you may still find other plans that will give more value for your money.