What Are My Legal Options for Handling a Traffic Ticket?

Getting caught by a cop while driving can be an intimidating experience for most drivers. Whether you were driving carelessly, speeding, not complying with traffic rules or drove past a stop sign, you are probably in violation of traffic rules and may face a citation for the same. Understanding the consequences of getting a ticket and the process of handling it is important to avoid any further complications in your case.

How to Handle a Traffic Ticket

If a police officer hands you a ticket for a traffic violation, you can either go to court to contest the ticket or pay the fine and move on. While you have options to handle the traffic ticket, paying the fine is usually the easy approach. You can do so by paying online, or by phone, or by mail, or in person prior to the court date. It can easily settle the matter but it must be noted you are directly admitting being guilty for the violation by paying the fine.

Contesting the ticket in court may not seem to be an appealing option to many drivers as it requires investing time and energy. If you decide to go to court, you have a chance of appealing to the judge to reduce your fine or beat the traffic ticket. If you have a good driving record, you can try to negotiate your case with the district attorney to be dismissed by convincing them that the officer made a mistake. You can also look at the statue of law that you have violated and understand if you have violated all the conditions or part of the law. You can further contest that the officer ticketed the wrong vehicle if there were multiple vehicles on the road and driving speed was measured using a radar or laser gun.

Majority of traffic violation citations do not require court appearances. Petty offenses such as not following the traffic signals, minor speeding can be resolved without going to court. But in cases of misdemeanor and felony, you may be required to appear in the court if you are involved in reckless driving, speeding more than 25MPH, driving with a suspended license, hit and run accidents and accidents that resulted in death or serious injuries.

It is important to note that having multiple tickets within a short time frame can collect enough points on your driving record to get your license revoked or suspended.

How will an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer help you?

Citation for a traffic violation is very common and hence, many drivers are tempted to defend themselves without consulting a lawyer. However, a knowledgeable attorney who is familiar with traffic violation cases, such as Ellis Injury Law, can provide you with a complete evaluation of your case and successfully help you in contesting your traffic ticket. In events where you think that the ticket issued was an error or you were unlawfully cited, having an expert by your side can help you fight the ticket in court and get your citation dismissed.

In cases where injury, property damage or death has occurred because of the traffic violation offense, it is essential to consult a trustworthy car accident lawyer to safeguard your rights. If you or your loved one have been issued a traffic ticket for violation, or need any advice on car accident offense, having an experienced lawyer can help you secure the most favorable result.