What You Need to Know about a Lemon Law Attorney?

As a vehicle owner, nothing can be more shocking than your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere or even on a busy road. It means heavy repairs and a lot of stress for you. And if this isn’t the first incident of your vehicle breaking down, you need to take proper actions. You can deal with this situation with a little help from an experienced lawyer. A lemon law attorney can be your savior in these conditions.

Lemon Law is a special act for the vehicle owners. The law protects you from products that do not meet the requisite quality standards. If you find any discrepancy in the quality of your automobile, refer to this law. Besides, the lemon law protects you from any deficiency in performance and even the slightest shortfall in safety regulations.

Lemon Law: A State Federal Law

People are generally unaware of the laws and rights of an individual. Even for those familiar with the understanding of basic rights, there are a few minute details that can be understood only by an expert.

Check the Coverage Amount

The Lemon law not only covers your newly purchased car but also extends to other purchases. It deals with motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and luxury cars. Besides, the ambit of this law covers the used automobiles. However, you must have the manufacturer’s warranty if you are looking to claim the damages.

You must be careful in choosing the right kind of attorney. The below-mentioned factors can help you in this quest:

  • Round The Clock Accessibility: It is critical to choose a Lemon Law attorney who is available 24/7 for addressing your complaints. It can be troublesome to process your case on weekends or other public holidays. Thus, you may choose a firm/individual which provides uninterrupted services year-round.
  • The Track Record and Success Rate: The past success rate of any organization or an individual is essential for choosing a lawyer. It is needless to say that a better record gives you confidence and keeps your hopes high for further resolution of grievances.
  • Upfront Fees: Upfront fees are an advance payment made to the lawyer. However, there are a few individuals and law firms which do not charge this fee. They are most suited as you can be assured they will be keener for providing results as their entire remuneration depends on positive and satisfying results.
  • Charges: The fee charged by the Lemon Law attorney is another aspect you must keep in mind before deciding on your legal partner. The charges may vary depending on various factors like experience, success rate, and location. It advisable that you may negotiate with the attorney as per your case. Also, the success of your case does not necessarily depend on the charges. It is a common notion that the more experienced and expensive attorneys are a guarantee to a sure shot win. Contrary to this fact, many cases have delivered better results when a lesser experienced professional has delivered better results. Thus you must do apt research before selecting the best attorney.

Understand the Claim Settlement

Under the lemon law, the compensation of your claim depends on:

  • Type of claim which checks if it is a safety, performance, or quality issue
  • The time required for defect rectification
  • The number of service attempts
  • The number of days your vehicle is under repair

A Lemon Law attorney is a must when it comes to protecting your prized vehicle. They can guide you in obtaining the best possible compensation for your damage. Thus, you do not have to spend your time and energy on these issues, and you can focus on other priorities of life. Make your selection wisely, though.