Why should you get a pet as a webcam model?

The internet is full of articles about webcam models, but most of them treat almost the same topics: how to tell your parents or your boyfriend that you work in a cam studio, what are the benefits of this job, or how to make even more money. However, young women working in this industry are as normal as everyone else, and they want to read information about all aspects of their lives. This is why we decided to treat an unusual subject: why should you get a pet if you work in this field?

First of all, opening up as a webcam model is quite difficult because this profession has some particularities not everybody understands. If you are not close friends with a colleague, it will be hard to explain to somebody else, regardless of their age or relationship to you, what you go through. Of course, a cat or a dog won’t understand either, but at least you can “confess” in front of them, and this will help you relieve and get rid of the negative thoughts. “Telling” your pet what upsets you has no implications other than the fact that it will allow you to unburden, and become more optimistic. Since it doesn’t involve any other person, you won’t have to worry about your secret being discovered.

Secondly, finding people to spend time with is not easy when you are a webcam model: some won’t agree with your activity, misjudging it, some will talk behind your back, out of envy, while others simply won’t be good enough for you. Until that special friend or lover comes around, you can spend time with a soul that won’t give you anything else except unconditional love. Nothing compares to returning from work, after a long day, and hearing your dog’s barks or your cat’s meows from behind the door. In a world full of profiteers and dishonest people, a pet will make the difference.

Last but not least, adopting a dog is also good for the health of your body, not just your mind. Considering that dogs need to be walked at least twice a day, you could take advantage of these occasions to exercise as well, before heading or after coming back from the studio. A webcam model needs to be constantly in shape, both physically and mentally, to look good on camera and have a positive attitude towards her members.

When it comes to the decision of opting for a dog or a cat, we’re afraid we can’t help you. Even if you love both, everyone is either a “dog person” or a “cat person”. You just have to discover your preferences and adapt them to your schedule and the place you live. For example, if you are away from home most of the day, a cat would be a better option since they are more independent. On the other hand, if your activity as a webcam model allowed you to buy a house with a courtyard, your pet dog would love it 🙂