Why You Can Trust the Transplant Pathology Internet Services

Sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) for the international transplant community, the Transplant Pathology Internet Services (TPIS) is a reliable internet service that aims to provide the members of the public with information concerning different types of drugs and what side effects they could potentially have. It is a place where anyone looking to find information about kidney or liver toxicity can go and be directed to different places with useful information. It is a reliable site that has been helping dozens of people since its inception, and here is why you can trust them.

They Comply with The HONcode Standard for Trustworthy Health Information

The site has a brief statement affirming that they comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information. On the site, there is also a link that redirects you to the HONcode page with a certificate of compliance.

Now the HONcode is basically an institution that addresses the issue of credibility and reliability of healthcare information on the internet. They verify online content concerning health, and if a particular site displays misleading information, then they can’t verify them. This is why most people tend to look if a particular page is verified by HONcode before they go on to read the information displayed. If TPIS is certified by HONcode, then you know that the information has been scrutinized and determined fit for public consumption.

They Are Backed The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is an affiliate of the University of Pittsburgh which is a widely known and respected research university. Therefore, any activities sponsored by the medical Centre are reflected back on the university. In summary, the UPMC risks their reputation and the trust they have built with the locals by sponsoring TPIS so they wouldn’t do it if they weren’t sure about its reliability. This just goes to show that TPIS has a degree of reliability that should give you some reassurance and a reason to trust them.

It Is Run by Respected Members of The Medical Community

Being under the sponsorship of the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center, TPIS is run by very well respected members of the medical community. Doctors who have gone through years of medical school practised medicine for decades and even conducted extensive research on some of the topics featured on the site. This should give anyone who’s looking to get useful information from the page some confidence that the information has been fed by experts who are at the very top of their game and can therefore be trusted. 

Widely Trusted by Locals

TPIS hasn’t been in operation for a while, but its impact on the people is very commendable. As a site where one can search for any potential side effects of a particular drug, it has helped dozens by keeping them in the know and helping them get drugs that are far less toxic for their kidneys or liver.